Drawn to Scale is Closing!

(theme song by <PIG>)


I’m sad to announce that Drawn to Scale is closing up shop. After 4 years of a brutal, exciting journey starting when I was 25 — we’ve given all we can.

Why? It seemed we had everything going for us — paid customers such as American Express, a major telecom, Flurry, and 4 others. Our technology worked brilliantly, we had a big hiring pipeline, and we had great media presence against our competitors who raised 10-100x more cash.

Yet five days before we signed term sheets for a big A round or sold the company, we started getting hit by a series of black swans — and we just didn’t have what we needed to recover. I’ll leave the public detail at that level, but I will say that paying employees’ health insurance out of your meager savings is a powerful incentive to change course.

In a few months I’ll have a very detailed postmortem with what went well and how we screwed up, but for now I’m going to enjoy freedom, a regular sleep schedule, and helping others.

Andre Durand has asked me to join Ping Identity as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence helping them build some amazing new stuff for developers. I’m also advising several startups, sitting on some boards, and doing some *extremely* limited consulting.


BTW, if anyone wants more t-shirts, I’m totally gonna print some.